Dott. Mauro Finiguerra



1983 – 20 April Degree in Economics and Business from the University of Genoa
1986 – 19 September Registration with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Sanremo at no. 102 now no. 76 sec. A, now no. 233 sec. A Order of Imperia for unification circumscription Court
1986 May Regional qualification for the teaching of Accounting and Commercial Techniques – Regional qualification for the teaching of Tourism and Hotel Techniques – Winner of the competition
1986 October Public competition for AMAIE Management Control Manager – Winner of the competition
1986 -2017 Development of professional activities – Assumption of audit engagements in companies a r.l. and in S.p.a., also of significant dimensions – Management of tax disputes also of significant dimensions and in particular in the field of corporate income, real estate and pleasure boating – Technical consultancy for the Judge also in matters of public companies
1994 – 2003 Establishment, management and transformation of the U.S. Sanremese Calcio Sports Association, first as a Srl and then as a Spa – Heterologous transformation – management of relations with the FGCI and with COVISOC
1997 – 2000 Regional Qualification to teach Law and Economics – Participation as a tax consultant in International Fairs in the field of Foods and Beverage
1997 Demerger of a multinational subsidiary (Birra Peroni) – Incorporation and management of Spa – Transformations and mergers of companies
1997 – 2000 Auditor of the accounts of the Municipality of Sanremo
1999 – 2009 Participation as economic manager of the Board of Directors in the organization of the event “Jubilmusic” – International Review of Christian Music
2001 Participation in the preparation and drafting of the deed of incorporation of the company Casino Spa and the Convention Casino Spa – Municipality of Sanremo
2001- 2005 Chairman of the Board of Auditors of Casino Spa
2001- 2007 Monthly refresher courses Didacom Milano (speakers: Lugano, Ceppellini, Roscini Vitali, Cioccarelli, Rizzardi, etc.) – Participation in International Tax Conferences in Italy and abroad.
2004 – 2008 Chairman of the Regional Local Committee of BCC Banca di Caraglio, Cuneo and the Riviera dei Fiori
2007 Opening of an international consulting office in China, Macau and Hong Kong – Management of relations with international companies (Russia, Monaco, Switzerland, UK, France) – Management and drafting of international contracts in the large-scale distribution of products in the “consumer electronics” sector
Establishment and management of Third Sector Bodies (Museum Foundations, NGOs, Onluses, Associations) – Assistance in obtaining the certification of ONLUS and NGOs according to the rules of the Institute of Donations of Milan
2009 – 2010 Master’s Degree in International Taxation and European Union Law – IPSOA – Milan
2010 – 2014 Participation as speaker at conferences on international taxation and asset protection – Namibia tax exhibition – Morocco – Singapore – Principality of Monaco – Reports on collection and defence from Equitalia – La Voluntary Disclosure – Co-rapporteurs: Studio Centore Genova – Avv. Colferai-Rech – Rag. Lepore
2010 – 2014 Opening of partnerships in Milan – Namibia – Morocco – Egypt – Tunisia Principality of Monaco – Dubai (UAE)
2010 – 2014 International management of companies – Opening of foreign subsidiaries – Management of foreign subsidiaries – Function of tax representative and tax representative of foreign companies
2010 – 2014 Tax litigation on: uneconomic conduct – abuse of rights – international letters rogatory – financial investigations – resident abroad
2014 12/13 December – Padua – Speaker at the conference “The offshore world and financial activities abroad between voluntary disclosure and the new crime of anti-money laundering” – Co-rapporteurs: Studio Barbieri of Padua – Avv. Giuseppe Maria Gallo of Genoa – Avv. Fabio Colferai-Rech Lux
2014 December – Start of the management of the Economy and Taxation section of the web newspaper
2014 December – Beginning of the collaboration as author of the website “La Legge per Tutti”.
2015 15 May – Padua – Speaker on international and UAE taxation at the conference “Gulf International Congress” – Presence of the UAE Ambassador – Director Cciaa ITA-EAU – 410 professionals in the room of which 240 lawyers and 170 certified public accountants.
2015 10 June – Article published in Italia Oggi regarding the tax delegation for international taxation
2015 12 July – University of Catania – Speaker to Chinese students on “International Double Taxation” in English – At the invitation of the University of Brescia and E-Link of Catania as part of an international educational project.
2015 July – Publication of article on “The Bail-in and the new European standard on resolution
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Dott. Mauro Finiguerra


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